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Air Conditioning Installation

The Time Has Come...

Nothing lasts forever, and your air conditioning unit is no exception to this rule. Even as the costs of repairs begin to rise in price and frequency, the decision to replace your unit entirely is never an easy one to make for any homeowner. The team at PMC Mechanical can help you know when the time is right, however, including advice on the right unit to install.


The average air conditioning unit will last for approximately 15 years, but these estimates are never an exact science from unit to unit. When the price of repairs begins to outweigh the price of a new unit, PMC Mechanical is equipped with newer and more efficient models for your home or office.


Save Big While Saving Energy

ENERGY STAR estimates that qualified newer models can save up to 20% in energy costs as compared to a similar 10-year-old model, which will show up on your very next energy bill. In fact some New Jersey customers are expected to save close to $300 over the life cycle of their ENERGY STAR model, even when accounting for the initial difference in cost.


From energy savings to the cut down on repairs, you can finally get back to enjoying the performance of your air conditioning. With PMC Mechanical’s 20 years of experience in A/C maintenance and installation, you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with prideful quality of work.

To get a quote on a new air conditioner installation, please call (732) 281-8921 today!


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