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Furnace Installation


An Investment in Comfort

Even the best HVAC units can only run for so long, but the choice to purchase a new heating system is never an easy one. The truth of the matter is, the average unit will last for 15 years before the costs of repairs begin to outweigh the costs of a new unit. This point can also come much earlier, which is important for homeowners to consider as issues continually arise.


When searching for a new heating unit, price and installation time can become important factors in your decision. Almost all options will fit into one of the following categories:

  • Forced Air

  • Radiant Heat

  • Hydronic (Hot Water)

  • Steam Radiant

  • Geothermal



Energy Efficient Means Savings For Years To Come

ENERGY STAR estimates that these newer models can save up to 20% in energy costs versus a similar 10-year-old model, which can be noticeable on your very next utility bill. Estimates for Newark, New Jersey customers suggest savings of nearly $2,300 over the lifecycle of an ENERGY STAR heating unit, even when considering the price difference against a conventional model.


No matter which route you choose, PMC Mechanical specializes in energy-efficient units for your home or office. Our team’s personalized approach can help you find an affordable option during our consultation to help save on both repairs and energy costs.


To get a quote on a new furnace installation, please call (732) 281-8921 today!


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