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Furnace Tune-Ups

Your Furnace Is Like A Car...It Requires Scheduled Maintenance

The same way your car requires the occasional oil change or tire rotation, your HVAC unit can be greatly protected with yearly maintenance and inspection. Costly repairs can often be avoided with simple annual tune-ups, and yet so many homeowners choose to neglect their investment.

While some issues are impossible to foresee, the vast majority of heating system breakdowns can be avoided with proper care. These tune-ups can also increase efficiency and make necessary tweaks within the system that will reflect on your next utility bill.

For both heating and air conditioning maintenance, PMC Mechanical offers two exceptional service packages:


The cost of NOT acting

To see what these services can save in the long run, homeowners need look no further than the costs of potential repairs and issues. While our one-time maintenance fees remain flexible and affordable, the average cost to replace a furnace can approach $6,500 or more.


PMC Mechanical can help you avoid these unwanted and unnecessary expenses with simple scheduled contract appointments. Our experience team knows what to look for to keep your system running smoothly, keeping you and your family more comfortable in the process.



Furnace Maintenance Plans

For both heating and air conditioning maintenance to help avoid these potential problems, PMC Mechanical offers two exceptional service packages:

To scheduled your furnace tune-up, call (732) 281-8921 today!


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