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When the Northeast winter arrives in full force, the last thing anyone wants to hear about is an issue with your heating system and furnace. Whether at your home or office, keeping the harsh weather out should always be a top priority during these frigid months.


At the first sign of trouble with your unit, you can trust the team at PMC Mechanical to provide fast and reliable service to keep you out of the cold. No problem is new to our technicians after over 20 years in the business, including maintenance, repair, installation and more for your heating system. Our main goal is serving our customers with 24/7 availability, always striving to take care of those who trust in our services.

Issues can occasionally arise with your furnace and heating system, but the warning signs are usually clear. From weakened airflow to inadequate heating temperatures, our team at PMC Mechanical is prepared to take action and get your system back on track.

Like any other appliance, heating systems and furnaces don’t last forever. When your trusted unit begins to break down more frequently, it’s time to move on to a new model. PMC Mechanical can install an efficient new system for better heating, all while cutting down your energy bill.

Just as your car needs a regular oil change to run at peak efficiency, your heating system requires yearly maintenance to deliver the best results. PMC Mechanical can help you protect your investment and avoid costly repairs with annual maintenance packages or individual appointments.

When it comes to the construction of a new home, heating and air conditioning units are a big part of the construction. PMC Mechanical can help design and implement an efficient HVAC solution for any new home or office, developed to deliver the best results for contractors on any building project.


Serving all of New Jersey


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