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Air Conditioning Tune-ups


Avoid Costly Repairs

Like any appliance, your air conditioning unit needs proper maintenance to stay on track throughout the years. Annual maintenance checks are needed to help avoid costly breakdowns and the repairs that come with them, protecting your investment for the long term.


Neglecting maintenance can lead to issues throughout the machine, as both filters and air conditioning coils become dirty over time and lead to premature breakdowns. Unchecked drainage units can also clog over time, especially during particularly humid periods.


Long Term Savings

Long-term savings are easy to see for homeowners, especially as compared to the costs of a new unit altogether. We work to keep our annual maintenance fees flexible and affordable, while the average cost to replace your air conditioning can sometimes approach $7,500 or more.

PMC Mechanical is on your side in the constant battle to keep your energy bills as reasonable as possible, and it starts with these annual contract appointments. Twenty years of experience has taught us what to look for and where to look, so no stone goes left unturned for your system.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

For both heating and air conditioning maintenance to help avoid these potential problems, PMC Mechanical offers two exceptional service packages:

To scheduled your air conditioner tune-up, call (732) 281-8921 today!


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