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Water Heaters

Are you in hot water?

As business consumers, we tend to take our water heater for granted every single day. Whether your system can be repaired or needs to be fully replaced, PMC Mechanical can help you determine the best course of action for your business and your budget. The average water heater will last for around eight years, but a professional inspection is recommended at the first sign of weakening or failure.


Cause For Concern

Some of the most common warning signs include rust-colored water or abnormal gurgling noises from your showerhead or faucet. The temperature of the water is also a key indicator, whether the hot water supply diminishes too quickly or simply doesn’t get hot enough at all.


These problems can be caused by any number of issues, from a pilot light burn out to a build up of sediment or rust within the tank. Repairs and flushing services can help patch up minor malfunctions, or a new system can be installed as the repairs become too frequent.


A new hot water system will be at least 10% more efficient than an outdated model, and the team at PMC Mechanical uses only the best for our valued customers. With 20 years of experience and around-the-clock emergency repair services, we aim to serve our customers first and foremost.

For emergency hot water heater repair or replacement, call (732) 281-8921 today!


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